Loon: An Interactive Statistical Visualization Toolkit



Installing the loon package


install_github("waddella/loon", subdir="R")

loon is under active development. You can also update the loon package with the above code.

Packages used for Demos

The following packages are used in loon's package demos. Note that these packages are not needed to install loon, they are just nice to have to run the demos. You can skip this step and check if your loon installation was successful.

We split the code to install packages into four sections as not all packages are easy to install.

First, these packages from CRAN should install without any issues


The following packages on Biocoductor should also install without any issues

biocLite(c('graph', 'RDRToolbox'), suppressUpdates=TRUE, suppressAutoUpdate=TRUE)

The Rgraphviz package is sometimes not easy to install

biocLite('Rgraphviz', suppressUpdates=TRUE, suppressAutoUpdate=TRUE)

The following packages on CRAN have also dependencies that need special care. Make sure that you have

install.packages(c('rgl', 'PairViz', 'scagnostics', 'kernlab'))

Check if your Installation was Successful

In R enter


p <- with(iris, l_plot(x=Sepal.Length, y=Sepal.Width, color=Species))

If this creates a scatterplot and an inspector loon was correctly installed. Follow the steps in the UI section and the Learn section to learn how to use loon.

Fast Image Resizing for Image Point Glyphs

On Linux and OS X it is advisable to install the ImageScale Tcl extension for fast image resizing. loon will use the compiled C code for image resizing when available.

The TEA setup of ImageScale for Windows does currently not work. If you know how to change the makefile.vc in the win folder so that the ImageScale package also compiles under Windows then please .

More Important Notes

We may change the syntax during the beta testing phase without maintaining backward compatibility. We will maintain a list with the syntax changes on this page.

Note that only part of loon's functionality is documented here. However, most of loon's features are used in the R package demos. To get a listing of all of loon's demos enter


Run a particular demo as follows


To get the location of the source code of a particular demo (e.g. l_timeseries) use

system.file("demo", "l_timeseries.R", package = "loon")

Good to know