Loon provides a simple image viewer to browse through the specified tcl image objects.

The simple GUI supports either the use of the mouse or left and right arrow keys to switch the images to the previous or next image in the specified image vector.

The images are resized to fill the viewer window.




Vector of tcl image object names.


the tclimages vector is returned


img2 <- tkimage.create('photo', width=200, height=150) tcl(img2, 'put', 'yellow', '-to', 0, 0, 199, 149)
#> <Tcl>
tcl(img2, 'put', 'green', '-to', 40, 20, 130, 40)
#> <Tcl>
img3 <- tkimage.create('photo', width=500, height=100) tcl(img3, 'put', 'orange', '-to', 0, 0, 499, 99)
#> <Tcl>
tcl(img3, 'put', 'green', '-to', 40, 80, 350, 95)
#> <Tcl>
l_imageviewer(c(tclvalue(img2), tclvalue(img3)))
#> [1] "image163" "image164"