To turn a graph into a navigation graph you need to add one or more navigators. Navigator have their own set of states that can be queried and modified.

l_navigator_add(widget, from = "", to = "", proportion = 0,
  color = "orange", ...)



graph widget


The position of the navigator on the graph is defined by the states from, to and proportion. The states from and to hold vectors of node names of the graph. The proportion state is a number between and including 0 and 1 and defines how far the navigator is between the last element of from and the first element of to. The to state can also be an empty string '' if there is no further node to go to. Hence, the concatenation of from and to define a path on the graph.


see descriptoin above for from


see descriptoin above for from


of navigator


named arguments passed on to modify navigator states


navigator handle with navigator id


For more information run: l_help("learn_R_display_graph.html#navigators")

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