Function creates a scatterplot matrix using loon's scatterplot widgets

l_pairs(data, linkingGroup, linkingKey, showItemLabels = TRUE, itemLabel,
  showHistograms = FALSE, histLocation = c("edge", "diag"),
  histHeightProp = 1, histArgs = list(), showSerialAxes = FALSE,
  serialAxesArgs = list(), parent = NULL, ...)



a data.frame with numerical data to create the scatterplot matrix


string giving the linkingGroup for all plots. If missing, a default linkingGroup will be determined from deparsing the data.


a vector of strings to provide a linking identity for each row of the data data.frame. If missing, a default linkingKey will be 0:(nrows(data)-1).


TRUE, logical indicating whether its itemLabel pops up over a point when the mouse hovers over it.


a vector of strings to be used as pop up information when the mouse hovers over a point. If missing, the default itemLabel will be the row.names(data).


logical (default FALSE) to show histograms of each variable or not


one "edge" or "diag", when showHistograms = TRUE


a positive number giving the height of the histograms as a proportion of the height of the scatterplots


additional arguments to modify the `l_hist` states


logical (default FALSE) indication of whether to show a serial axes plot in the bottom left of the pairs plot (or not)


additional arguments to modify the `l_serialaxes` states


parent widget path


named arguments to modify the `l_plot` states of the scatterplots


an `l_pairs` object (an `l_compound` object), being a list with named elements, each representing a separate interactive plot. The names of the plots should be self explanatory and a list of all plots can be accessed from the `l_pairs` object via `l_getPlots()`. All plots are linked by default (name taken from data set if not provided). Panning and zooming are constrained to work together within the scatterplot matrix (and histograms).

See also


p <- l_pairs(iris[,-5], color=iris$Species, linkingGroup = "iris") p <- l_pairs(iris[,-5], color=iris$Species, linkingGroup = "iris", showHistograms = TRUE, showSerialAxes = TRUE) # plot names names(p)
#> [1] "x2y2" "x3y2" "x4y2" "x3y3" "x4y3" #> [6] "x4y4" "x2y1" "x3y1" "x4y1" "x5y2" #> [11] "x5y3" "x5y4" "serialAxes"
# Each plot must be accessed to make changes not managed through # linking. # E.g. to change the glyph on all scatterplots to open circles for (plot in l_getPlots(p)) { if (is(plot, "l_plot")) { plot["glyph"] <- "ocircle"} }