Loon is a toolkit for highly interactive data visualization. Interactions with plots are provided with mouse and keyboard gestures as well as via command line control and with inspectors that provide graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for modifying and overseeing plots.


Currently, loon implements the following statistical graphs: histogram, scatterplot, serialaxes plot (star glyphs, parallel coordinates) and a graph display for creating navigation graphs.

Some of the implemented scatterplot features, for example, are zooming, panning, selection and moving of points, dynamic linking of plots, layering of visual information such as maps and regression lines, custom point glyphs (images, text, star glyphs), and event bindings. Event bindings provide hooks to evaluate custom code at specific plot state changes or mouse and keyboard interactions. Hence, event bindings can be used to add to or modify the default behavior of the plot widgets.

Loon's capabilities are very useful for statistical analysis tasks such as interactive exploratory data analysis, sensitivity analysis, animation, teaching, and creating new graphical user interfaces.

To get started using loon read the package vignettes or visit the loon website at http://great-northern-diver.github.io/loon/.

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