The slicing2d context implements slicing using navigation graphs and a scatterplot to condition on one or two variables.

Contexts are in more detail explained in the webmanual accessible with l_help. Please read the section on context by running l_help("learn_R_display_graph.html#contexts").

l_context_add_slicing2d(navigator, ...)



navigator handle object


arguments passed on to modify context states


context handle


names(oliveAcids) <- c('p','p1','s','o','l','l1','a','e') nodes <- apply(combn(names(oliveAcids),2),2, function(x)paste(x, collapse=':')) G <- completegraph(nodes) g <- l_graph(G) nav <- l_navigator_add(g) con <- l_context_add_slicing2d(nav, data=oliveAcids) # symmetric range proportion around nav['proportion'] con['proportion'] <- 0.2 con['conditioning4d'] <- "union" con['conditioning4d'] <- "intersection"