Query whether all, part or none of the group layers descendants are visible.

l_layer_groupVisibility(widget, layer)



widget path or layer object of class 'l_layer'


layer id. If the widget argument is of class 'l_layer' then the layer argument is not used


'all', 'part' or 'none' depending on the visibility status of the descendants.


Visibile layers are rendered, invisible ones are not. If any ancestor of a layer is set to be invisible then the layer is not rendered either. The layer visibility flag can be checked with l_layer_isVisible and the actual visibility (i.e. are all the ancesters visibile too) can be checked with l_layer_layerVisibility.

Note that layer visibility is not a state of the layer itself, instead is information that is part of the layer collection (i.e. its parent widget).

See also


p <- l_plot() g <- l_layer_group(p) l1 <- l_layer_rectangle(p, x=0:1, y=0:1, parent=g) l2 <- l_layer_oval(p, x=0:1, y=0:1, parent=g) l_layer_groupVisibility(p, g)
#> [1] "all"
l_layer_hide(p, l2) l_layer_groupVisibility(p, g)
#> [1] "part"
l_layer_hide(p, l1) l_layer_groupVisibility(p, g)
#> [1] "none"
l_layer_hide(p, g) l_layer_groupVisibility(p, g)
#> [1] "none"