Hidden or invisible layers are not rendered. This function queries whether a layer is visible/rendered or not.

l_layer_isVisible(widget, layer)



widget path or layer object of class 'l_layer'


layer id. If the widget argument is of class 'l_layer' then the layer argument is not used


TRUE or FALSE depending whether the layer is visible or not.


Visibile layers are rendered, invisible ones are not. If any ancestor of a layer is set to be invisible then the layer is not rendered either. The layer visibility flag can be checked with l_layer_isVisible and the actual visibility (i.e. are all the ancesters visibile too) can be checked with l_layer_layerVisibility.

Note that layer visibility is not a state of the layer itself, instead is information that is part of the layer collection (i.e. its parent widget).

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p <- l_plot() l <- l_layer_rectangle(p, x=0:1, y=0:1) l_layer_isVisible(p, l)
#> [1] TRUE
l_layer_hide(p, l) l_layer_isVisible(p, l)
#> [1] FALSE